About Me


My name is Mario J Pillet. I am a CG Generalist with nearly a decade of experience. I've worked mostly in visual effects. My background experience consists of but is not limited to:

Technical Animation
Cloth Simulation
Character and Crowd Development
Digital Modeling and UV Layout
Texture and Shader Creation
Pipeline Management and Tools Development

My previous job consisted of:

Crowd Simulation with Massive Software and custom built crowd generator in Maya.
Custom built Technical Animation tools for realistic skin deformation and cloth simulation.
Character rigging from hyper real to cartoon.
Experimenting with Unreal Engine for real time pre-visuals and layout.

I am a very focused individual and I'm here to contribute my skills and knowledge to a team of professionals and foster new vision so that I may always continue to inspire originality. I push myself with challenges that help me form a stronger more resourceful mind. And I maintain a sense of humility to make me a strong leader and teacher.

Additional Specialties: 2D and 3D Animation, Video Game Level Design, Game Animation, Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design

Personal Info


Current Location: Los Angeles California
(Working in California and Florida)
Telephone: 954.861.9837