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FEATURED: “Spring 2013 Demo Reel”

My name is Mario J Pillet. I am a CG Generalist and Technical Director. I specialize in CG cinematography, hard surface and organic modeling, texturing, rigging, dynamic effects, visual effects and scripting. I'm also experienced in match moving and 2D integration and compositing. I have over 6 years of field experiance. I am also a Web Designer and Developer of websites and web related apps.
Featured is my Spring 2013 Demo Reel. To read more about me click here

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Films and Animated Shorts worked on:

Production and Pipeline Tools developed:

I am the developer of RigMe for Maya. It's a plugin for Maya that lets you auto generate a character rig for animation. This is one of many tools and software I've developed over time. Listed to the right is a few of the tools I've developed:

Download CG/VFX Resume here: Mario J Pillet Resume 2015

Download Web Design Resume here: Mario J Pillet Webdesign Resume

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